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What is DWR's business?

The business of the DWR is in the management, planning and distribution of the State's water resources. DWR operates the California State Water Project (SWP) spanning more than 600 miles from Northern to Southern California and includes 32 storage facilities, 17 pumping plants, 3 pumping generating plants, 5 hydroelectric power plants and approximately 693 miles of canals and pipelines. Through the SWP, DWR supplies water for municipal, industrial, agricultural and recreational uses and for protecting and enhancing fish and wildlife.

DWR is also responsible for the protection and restoration of California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta; the maintenance and repair of California levees; the development of additional ground and surface water storage, protection of the Bay-Delta, and for the protection of public health, life and property by regulating the safety of dams, providing flood protection and responding to flood emergencies.

What services or products are needed by DWR?

Services and products needed by DWR are widely varied and include: construction, project management, Information Technology, training, heavy and medium equipment rental, aerial photography, vehicle maintenance and plant maintenance and energy, engineering, geological, geomorphologic, environmental services consulting services. Products purchased include office supplies, automotive supplies, IT supplies, safety supplies, and constructions equipment and supplies. A more comprehensive list of supplies and services are located on this website through the SB/DVBE Homepage under the topic "Doing Business with DWR".

Who should I contact for business opportunities with DWR?

The DWR SB/DVBE Program Manager will help you contact the appropriate DWR buyer or program staff member. Email or call 916.651.9705 for assistance

How do I find out about DWR bid opportunities?

Find out more about DWR bid opportunities advertised on the DGS California State Contract Register (CSCR) offered through the State's eProcurement website. (Users can set up profiles allowing them access to bids advertised, set up subcontract advertisements, downloading of bids and participate in questions and answers related to the bid.

DWR and other state and local agencies post their solicitation advertisements on the CSCR throughout the year.

Where do I find information about SB or DVBE certification?

The Department of General Services, Office of Small Business and DVBE Services (OSDS) is the state entity responsible for SB and DVBE business certification. To obtain SB/DVBE certification information, you may go to the DGS/OSDS website for information on how to become a certified SB or DVBE Firm at Get Certified. This site provides comprehensive information about certification.

As a small or DVBE business, how do I increase my business partnership opportunities with firms bidding on DWR projects?

1) Contact the DWR SB/DVBE Program Manager, for assistance. Email, or call 916.651.9705 for assistance.
2) Attend DWR sponsored bid conferences for opportunities to meet with large firms - bid conferences are noted within DWR advertised solicitations.
3) Request to have your business added to the DWR SB/DVBE Contractor Information Table - this is used as a dissemination tool to raise small business awareness within the business community and the department.
4) Consider forming joint venture partnerships with other small businesses to respond to DWR solicitations.

I'm in the construction business - how do I find out about DWR's construction projects or getting on with a prime as a listed subcontractor?

DWR's Division of Engineering (DOE) is responsible for oversight of the department's State Water Project construction projects. DOE advertises construction projects on state's CSCR, in the Dodge Construction News and alternately in the Daily Pacific Builder and the Daily Construction Service. Visit the DOE website at: and click on Construction Contracts. Then click on "Contracts Currently Advertised" to see projects out for bid. Additionally, bidders can check on bid results by clicking on the "Bid Opening Results", as well as viewing bid summaries by clicking on "Bid Summaries".

You may also contact DOE directly by calling: 653-4867; or email: