public affairs

Media and public information branch

Maggie Macias Information Officer II
1416 9th Street, Room 204-22
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-8743
Elizabeth Scott
Information Officer

Work: (916) 653-9515
Christina Jimenez
Information Officer

Work: (916) 653-0979
Doug Carlson
Information Officer

(916) 653-5114
Lauren Bisnett
Information Officer

(916) 653-7564

The Media and Public Information Branch responds to media and public inquiries about the activities and programs. They assists staff during floods, droughts, and other emergency events that require rapid response to the media and public. Branch public information officers also plan and conduct media events and tours and produce a wide range of multimedia products to inform the public and media about California water issues and news.

Media Response & Outreach
The Branch issues news releases reporting our activities. Archived news releases until 1996 are online.

DWR California Water News
News clips covering DWR and California water issues are distributed daily in DWR California Water News. To subscribe to the free service, contact the DWR Water News Editors.

Print Publications
DWR magazine
DWR magazine is a quarterly publication reporting the news and activities of the Department and its employees. The latest edition and archived magazines until 1995 are available in electronic format.

State Water Project Publications
State Water Project (SWP) brochures describing various facilities of the SWP are available in hard copy and in electronic format.

For information about DWR magazine and the SWP publications, contact: Maggie Macias (916) 653-8743.

Tours of SWP facilities may be arranged for school classes, special interest groups, and for visitors from foreign countries.

For further information contact:
Doug Carlson, Tour Coordinator
1416 9th Street, Room 204-22
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-5114