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Improvements to Perris Dam Underway

DWR is currently upgrading the seismic safety of Perris Dam.

Construction to strengthen the foundation began in October 2014 and is anticipated to be completed in early 2018.

In 2005, DWR identified potential seismic safety risks in a section of the foundation of the dam and lowered the lake level to ensure maximum public safety until dam repairs are made. The reservoir has since been further drawn down to meet drinking water demands during the prolonged drought.

DWR is working closely with state and federal fish and wildlife agencies to protect local wildlife and environmentally sensitive areas during construction. DWR is also working closely with the California Department of Parks and Recreation to minimize recreation impacts to the public.

The Lake Perris State Recreation Area will remain open during construction for boating, fishing, and other recreational activities. View our Recreational Impacts page for information on lake access and area closure information.

For construction details, see Remediation Projects.

Dam Remediation – Construction Underway

The repair to the dam will be limited to approximately 5,000 feet of the left reach, shown in the picture above. Crews will strengthen this portion of the foundation by mixing cement with the existing deep soil. When complete, a stability berm will be added on top. The dam's existing drain system will be excavated and extended as well. These repairs will allow DWR to return the reservoir to its previous operating level. View our Dam Remediation page for more information.

Lake Perris

Lake Perris, located between the communities of Moreno Valley and Perris, is the southernmost State Water Project Facility and the southern terminus of the California Aqueduct. The Lake Perris State Recreation Area is one of California’s most popular recreation destinations. Lake Perris offers water-oriented recreation facilities and activities including boating, swimming, day use, camping and fishing.