The Future of IRWM

DWR is developing Strategies for the Future of Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) in California. This plan will help shape the desired future for IRWM and identify measures needed for that future to be achieved.

What will the Strategies for IRWM do?

The Strategies for IRWM will describe DWR's future role and guide its actions for improving its support of IRWM. In addition, the plan will identify options, tools, and recommendations for others to support the practice of IRWM.

The Strategies for IRWM are needed to...
  • build on the current and past successes of IRWM
  • further enable, empower, and support regional water management groups
  • better align state and federal programs to support IRWM
  • develop a shared vision for funding priorities and financing mechanisms
  • inform and influence future water management policies and investments for California

"The Strategic Plan for the Future of IRWM in California is critical for ensuring the continued advancement of sustainable water resources management."

Mark Cowin | Director, DWR