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Communication and Outreach

The IRWM Grant Program aims to strengthen coordination, improve communication, and increase engagement at the regional level for the purpose of improving the IRWM grant program and to advance the overall practice of IRWM in the State of California. As the IRWM Grant Program continues to evolve with the passage of Proposition 1, DWR's engagement with external stakeholders is essential for successfully implementing the program at both the regional and State level.

There are several ways to communicate with the IRWM Grant Program regarding Proposition 1, including:

  • Ongoing inquires
  • Public Comment periods for funding opportunities
  • The Stakeholder Engagement and Advisory Committee (SEAC)
Ongoing Inquires

DWR uses an email alias as the initial point of contact for general inquires and communication with stakeholders. The email address for ongoing public inquires is: The IRWM Program can also be reached directly at: 916-651-9613. Additionally, stakeholders may sign up here to subscribe to IRWM Grant Program email updates.

Public Comment Periods for Funding Opportunities

DWR seeks public input, through a structured public comment period, so that interested parties can provide feedback to DWR. As funding opportunities are made available, information will be posted on the Proposition 1 IRWM Grants Homepage and announced using the IRWM email alias discussed above.

The following public input opportunities will be held for each Proposition 1 IRWM solicitation:

  • Public scoping workshop
  • Draft Guidelines and Proposal Solicitation Packages public comment period and meetings (required)
  • Applicant workshop
  • Draft award public comment period and meeting
  • Post solicitation feedback
Stakeholder Engagement and Advisory Committee

The IRWM Grant Program has developed the SEAC for input on the development of the Proposition 1 IRWM Grant Program. The SEAC participated in an early scoping phase to provide input and guidance to DWR regarding the development of program materials and processes. The SEAC is a 20 member (representative) advisory group, including regional water management group practitioners, disadvantaged community representatives, and tribal government entities.

SEAC meeting material can be found at the Proposition 1 IRWM Archives page.

Tribal Resources

The IRWM Grant Program has the following Tribal Resources:

Please note that the DWR Water Management Planning Tool is an interactive mapping tool that also includes the statewide distribution of Tribes and the IRWM Regions.