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Stakeholder Group

The IEP Stakeholder Group consists of IEP agency representatives and stakeholders who participate outside the Science Management and Coordinators Teams but use information and data developed by the IEP for the management and regulation of water quality and biological resources of the San Francisco Estuary.        

The Stakeholder Group meets quarterly to hear about current IEP monitoring and research activities, to discuss priorities for future monitoring and research, and to discuss other issues of interest or concern to stakeholders. Stakeholder meetings also provide an opportunity for exchanging information and improving collaboration within the Delta science community.

The IEP completed a Stakeholder Engagement Plan in 2013, followed by an expanded Communication and Engagement Plan in 2015. The purpose of these Plans is to guide IEP internal and external communications and efforts to involve stakeholders as valued partners. The Communication and Engagement Plan clearly defines the IEP’s approach to stakeholder engagement, and the avenues and timing by which communication will be accomplished, both among the IEP agencies as well as externally.

IEP stakeholders are interested entities who may affect, be affected by, or perceive themselves to be affected by, a decision, activity or outcome of the IEP. As such, IEP’s stakeholders generally include:

  • Projects and programs of agencies not otherwise represented at IEP Agency management or coordination meetings
  • Other local, state and federal agencies who are not members of IEP
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • Water contractors
  • Academia, researchers, and scientists
  • Business owners, land owners, farmers, recreational and commercial fisheries, and ranchers
  • Members of the public

For updated information about IEP Stakeholder meetings, don’t forget to check the IEP Calendar.

For additional information about the IEP Stakeholder Group, please contact David van Rijn (USBR) at 916-414 -2405 or