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Groundwater Sustainability Plan Public Notification

The following GSAs have submitted an initial notification to DWR indicating their intent to develop a GSP, pursuant to Water Code §10727.8 and GSP Regulations §353.6. Please click on the GSA Name to access the GSA’s website and the Basin Name to view the GSA’s written notification. Also, DWR will soon be transitioning to a web-based GSP tool which will post GSP initial notifications, plans, public comments, and data. DWR’s SGMA Portal is available here.

GSP Initial Notifications Table

GSA Name Basin Name Basin Number Date Submitted
GSA Name Basin Name Basin Number Date Submitted
James Groundwater Sustainability Agency Kings 5-022.08 01/30/2017
Westlands Water District Westside 5-022.09 12/22/2016
More Information

For additional information please contact Trevor Joseph at or 916-651-9218.

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