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GSA Interactive Map

This interactive map shows the location of local agencies that have decided to become or form groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs). The boundaries of the GSAs are based on information submitted to DWR by those local agencies. While DWR makes every effort to provide accurate information, DWR has not reviewed the GSA boundary information contained in this map and makes no warranties as to the suitability of this map for any particular purpose. Where multiple local agencies have claimed the same portion of a groundwater basin in their GSA formation notice (within 90 days of the initial posted notice), the areas of overlap are indicated by a darker color within the GSA boundaries. These areas of overlap must be resolved before a local agency can be identified by DWR as an exclusive GSA. (Water Code §10723.8(c) and (d))

In addition to GSA boundaries, the interactive map application shows the following: (1) Bulletin 118-2003 groundwater basins; (2) CASGEM basin prioritization; and (3) adjudicated areas listed in Water Code §10720.8 (full list available after April 2016). The information available by selecting a particular portion of a basin includes: date the GSA notice was first posted; local agency name; local agency or GSA website; and a link to the GSA formation notice. The GSA Formation Table should be referenced to determine if a GSA shown on the interactive map has been identified as an exclusive GSA. Not all GSA areas are shown on the map, as GIS shapefiles may not have been provided. Local agencies or GSAs should be consulted to determine parcel-level detail for GSA areas.

If you have questions related to GSAs or have comments related to the interactive map please contact Mark Nordberg at The GSA Interactive Map was last updated on May 4, 2016.