Groundwater Info Center
The GIC Interactive Map

We are pleased to provide you with the Groundwater Information Center Interactive Map, a web-based application serving as a compliment to the data, reports, and other information provided on the GIC website. With this application you can view individual Geographic Information Systems (GIS) layers containing geospatially-referenced groundwater-related information, and download these layers as GIS shapefiles or GeoTIFF raster files.

The information provided through this interactive map is developed from the best available data; however, these data are subject to changes and/or updates at any time.

We hope you are pleased with the Groundwater Information Center Interactive Map and find it useful. Your feedback is appreciated. DWR has a long-standing history of collecting and analyzing groundwater data, investigating and reporting groundwater conditions, implementing local groundwater assistance grants, encouraging integrated water management, and providing the technical expertise needed to improve groundwater management practices. DWR will continue to work with local agencies and regional organizations to provide data that enables sustainable groundwater management. The Groundwater Information Center website will be updated as new information becomes available.

** Click here to open the Groundwater Information Center Interactive Map **


User Experience Tips

Your experience with the Groundwater Information Center Interactive Map may vary depending on your web browser and browser settings. The interactive map is intended to function on most internet browsers, however your experience may vary depending on your browser. Note that Google’s Chrome browser may provide you with the best user experience.

If you are having trouble with the application and would like to provide us with feedback, please include the name of the browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) and the browser “mode” or “version”, as this helps the development process.

If you have questions about the presentation of data in the map, or have other comments, please provide them directly to:

Bill Brewster 
Department of Water Resources
North Central Region Office

Or please contact staff at your local region office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GIS map layers available for the public to download from the Groundwater Information Center Interactive Map Application?
Yes, most of the layers are downloadable from the browser as zipped shapefiles.  Some layers are not available for download because DWR is not the data steward for that layer, or because DWR has not developed proper metadata for that dataset.  References, if available, are provided in the expandable panel on the right side of the map.

How do I download the map layers to my computer?
The layers in the GICIMA are available for download directly from the map application. To do this…

  1. Turn on the layers you are interested in downloading and make sure they are visible on the map.
  2. Open the right panel if it is not open (click on the light blue triangle)
  3. Click on the “Download” button on the bottom of the right panel

The selected layers will then be provided as a zipped shapefile in your browsers download folder.
Note that the subsidence layers are not currently available for download.