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Proposition 81

The Safe Drinking Water Bond Law of 1988 is a program that provides Loans and Grants to water systems with projects that help to meet Safe Drinking Water Standards. Such projects include planning, water conservation, water loss detection, capital improvements, and corrosion control. With limited funds remaining it is our goal to try and help small disadvantaged communities as much as possible.


Private Systems: Any partnership, corporation, association, tribe, or other entity or political subdivision of the state which owns or operates a domestic water system.

Public Agencies: Any city, county, district, joint powers authority, or other political subdivision of the state which owns or operates a domestic water system.

Eligible Projects:

Projects that:

  • Investigate and identify alternatives for system improvements
  • Improve the applicant’s drinking water to ensure it is pure, wholesome, and drinkable

These improvements may include, but need not be limited to:

  • leak detection
  • repair programs
  • valve repair and replacement
  • meter calibration and replacement
  • physical improvements to achieve corrosion control
  • distribution and installation of water conservation devices and fixtures
  • other capital improvement projects which can be demonstrated to conserve water in a cost-effective manner
Total Program Funds:

$75 million, appropriated through the Legislature.

Funding Ongoing:

There is approximately $6.2 Million remaining for current/new projects under this Proposition.


Jeremy Callihan, DWR Analyst
(916) 653-4763
Jorie Hayes, DWR Analyst
(916) 653-9724

Please send emails and submit applications to: