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Deputy Director, Integrated Water Management

Gary Bardini

Gary B. Bardini, Deputy Director
Integrated Water Management

Gary B. Bardini was appointed Deputy Director for Integrated Water Management in August, 2011. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading four divisions and almost 850 employees conducting a variety of programs in support of the 2014 Governor’s California Water Action Plan. Some of the services provided under Mr. Bardini’s leadership include: statewide water management investigations, analysis and planning tied to the California Water Plan; drought management operations; water use efficiency investigations, outreach and local assistance; sustainable groundwater management; storage investigations; technical and financial assistance to nearly 50 integrated water management groups in the state, and climate change. Mr. Bardini is also responsible for the multi-faceted FloodSAFE California initiative which operates and enhances State-owned flood facilities, provides resources for local flood risk reduction projects, and implements the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan, all within the area served by the State Plan of Flood Control. Other services provided by FloodSAFE for statewide benefit include: directing and conducting flood emergency response activities, statewide planning for flood risk reduction, and supplying essential hydrology data to government agencies, academia and the public. Additionally, Mr. Bardini oversees the regulation and safe operation of over 1200 dams in the state via the Division of Safety of Dams.

Mr. Bardini’s 27-year career includes a long history with the Department, providing strategic planning, policy development and engineering services to promote integrated and sustainable management of the state’s water resources. Prior to his current appointment with the Department’s Executive team, Mr. Bardini served for two years as Chief of DWR's Division of Flood Management, where he led development and progression of the FloodSAFE California initiative and the 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan. Before serving as Division Chief, Mr. Bardini was Chief of the Hydrology and Flood Operations Office. In addition to leading the work conducted by three major branches, he guided special projects for the Department such as the Feasibility Study for the Restoration of Hetch Hetchy Valley, including water and power replacement. Prior to this time, Mr. Bardini was Chief of the Hydrology Branch for five years and was responsible for the State's flood and water supply forecasting programs and flood management control systems for the Joint Operations Center.

Mr. Bardini worked with the CALFED Bay-Delta Program (CALFED) for over three years, where he managed the Storage and Conveyance Facilities Unit and directed water resource modeling activities. Mr. Bardini also served as Chief of the Water Management Branch and managed the planning activities associated with the water supply reliability element of the CALFED Program.

In 1996, Mr. Bardini joined Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to provide water resource modeling support to State Water Project and Central Valley Project operations and was involved with Bay-Delta issues and Central Valley water rights negotiations. From 1989 through 1996, Mr. Bardini worked on a variety of design and construction projects for the California Department of Boating and Waterways and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Mr. Bardini began his career with the Department in 1987 in the South Central Regional Office (Fresno), where he conducted water resource modeling studies and planned several water supply development projects. He holds a B.S. degree in civil engineering from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo with an emphasis in water resources and structures.

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