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Program Descriptions

The California 2015 Turf Replacement Initiative funds turf removal and replacement with drought-tolerant landscapes. It includes the Residential Turf Rebates Program; Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Turf Program; and the Statewide Campaign to Promote Drought-Tolerant Landscapes.

The California Safe Drinking Water Bond Law of 1988 provides Proposition 81 grants and loans for projects that improve drinking water so it is pure, wholesome and drinkable. This includes leak detection and repair programs.

The Central Valley Flood System Conservation Strategy is a long-term effort to create a systemwide conservation plan supporting implementation of the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan.

The Delta Levees Maintenance Subventions Program is a cost share program that provides technical and financial assistance to local levee maintaining agencies in the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta for the maintenance and rehabilitation of non-project and eligible project levees.

The Delta Levees Special Flood Control Projects provides financial assistance to local levee maintaining agencies for rehabilitation of levees in the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta.

The Delta, San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers Water Quality Grant Program provides Proposition 84 funds to implement Delta water quality improvement projects that protect drinking or agricultural water supplies.

The Desalination Grant Program provides matching grants to support desalination of brackish water or seawater as a water supply option.

The Drainage Reuse Grant Program provides Proposition 204 funds for projects that develop methods of using or reducing drainage water, including drainage reuse, source reduction, drainage treatment, utilization of salt-tolerant plants, harvesting of salts, and market development for salts or salt-tolerant plants.  

The Flood Control Subventions Program provides financial assistance to local agencies cooperating in federally-authorized flood control projects and Watershed Protection Flood Prevention Projects that are not part of the State Plan of Flood Control.

The Flood Corridor Program provides funding for structural and non-structural flood management projects that enable waterways to function more naturally and include wildlife habitat enhancement and/or agricultural land preservation in addition to flood risk reduction elements.

The Flood Emergency Response Program improves local flood emergency response in California and increases public safety.

The Integrated Regional Water Management Grant Program provides funding to assist local public agencies to meet the long term water needs of the State including the delivery of safe drinking water and the protection of water quality and the environment.

The Local Levee Assistance Program funds inspections and evaluations of existing flood control facilities; and improvements, construction, modifications, repairs and relocation of flood control levees, weirs, or bypasses that are not part of the State Plan of Flood Control or Legal Delta.

The Safe Drinking Water Program provides funding to test new water treatment technologies that remove specific contaminants from the State's drinking water supply.  Funding is also available to communities that plan to disinfect drinking water with ultraviolet technology or ozone treatment methods.   

The Salton Sea Financial Assistance Program is an opportunity for stakeholders to participate in the Salton Sea restoration process. The program provides Proposition 84 grants to eligible applicants for projects that conserve fish and wildlife within the Salton Sea ecosystem.

The San Joaquin River Water Quality Grant Program provides Proposition 84 funds to implement projects that improve water quality in the San Joaquin River through reduction or elimination of discharges of subsurface agricultural drainage water from the west side of the San Joaquin Valley.

The Small Community Flood Risk Reduction Program is a cost-share grant program to help small communities that are protected by the State Plan of Flood Control achieve 100-year (FEMA Standard) flood protection. Initially, funding is being provided to study the feasibility of flood risk reduction projects.

The Sustainable Groundwater Planning Grant Program provides Proposition 1 funds for the development of sustainable groundwater plans and projects consistent with groundwater planning requirements outlined in Division 6 of the California Water Code, commencing at §10000.

The Urban Flood Risk Reduction Program funds levee repair and improvement projects to achieve 200-year flood protection for urban areas that are protected by State Plan of Flood Control facilities.

The Urban Streams Restoration Program provides grants to local communities for projects to reduce flooding and erosion and associated property damages; restore, enhance, or protect the natural ecological values of streams; and promote community involvement, education, and stewardship.

The Water-Energy Grant Program provides funds to implement water efficiency programs or projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce water and energy use.

The Water Use Efficiency Grants and Loans provides grant funding for a variety of agricultural and urban water use efficiency and conservation projects to public agencies and other organizations involved with water management.

The Yuba Feather Flood Protection Program provides financial assistance to local agencies for flood risk reduction projects within the Yuba-Feather River System and its tributaries or the Colusa Basin.