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Flood Management

Proposition 13

Proposition 13 provided funding for nonstructural flood management projects that include wildlife habitat enhancement and/or agricultural land preservation.

In addition to demonstrating a significant reduction of peak flood flows, flood stage, flood risk or potential flood damage, projects must also provide for agricultural land preservation or wildlife habitat protection or enhancement, or both.

Who May Apply

Any local agency or nonprofit organization with interest in flood management issues is eligible to sponsor projects that seek to acquire, restore, enhance and protect real property for the purposes of flood control protection, together with agricultural land preservation and/or wildlife habitat protection. Sponsoring agencies or organizations that meet the aforementioned criteria can partner with other types of agencies and organizations as necessary to ensure diverse funding sources and necessary expertise on the project team.

Grant Cap

The involvement of cost-sharing partners is strongly encouraged. A grant cap of $5 million per project has been established for grants from the FPCP, so grant funds can be distributed to the greatest number of deserving projects. However, exceptional projects requesting funding greater than the established cap will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Smaller projects with greater financial participation by partners are encouraged to allow widest possible distribution of funds.

Fundable Activities Include:

  • Non-structural flood damage reduction projects within flood corridors,
  • Acquisition of real property or easements in a floodplain,
  • Setting back existing flood control levees or strengthening or modifying existing levees in conjunction with levee setbacks,
  • Preserving or enhancing flood-compatible agricultural use of the real property,
  • Preserving or enhancing wildlife values of the real property through restoration of habitat compatible with seasonal flooding,
  • Repairing breaches in the flood control systems, water diversion facilities, or flood control facilities damaged by a project developed pursuant to Chapter 5, Article 2.5 of the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection and Flood Protection Act of 2000,
  • Establishing a trust fund for up to 20 percent of the money paid for acquisition for the purpose of generating interest to maintain the acquired lands,
  • Paying the costs associated with the administration of the projects.

Direct Expenditure Projects

Following outreach efforts begun in the spring of 2000, DWR received and reviewed direct expenditure project opportunities. Of the eleven projects that qualified for direct expenditure, six were recommended for approval based upon state interest and a significant contribution to flood protection, wildlife habitat enhancement, and/or agricultural land conservation. Total cost for these six projects was approximately 27 million dollars.

Competitive Grant Solicitation Process

Approximately 30 million dollars were available for the 2002 competitive solicitation process.

In 2007, $24,000,000 was made available for competitive grant awards. Applications for the grant program were due on November 2, 2007. The applications have been reviewed and a funding announcement is anticipated in June of 2008.

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