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Delta waterway The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a great natural treasure and a vital link in the state's water system, spanning five counties in northern California at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. As a result of the State's increasing population, demand for water and changing environmental conditions, the Delta is in jeopardy of collapse.

To avert an ecological disaster and ensure reliable water supplies for Californians now and in the future Governor Schwarzenegger has outlined a comprehensive plan for Delta sustainability. The Governor's plan is consistent with the California Water Plan and the Delta Vision's Blue Ribbon Task Force recommendations and includes actions that need to move forward now but will be consistent with any long-term strategic plan. Each of these actions will contribute to the sustainability of the Delta, restoring the environment and ensuring clean, safe and reliable water supplies for California.

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State Legislature passes historic package to solve California's water crisis
Early this morning the California state Legislature passed an historic package of bills and a bond proposal that are designed to both ensure a reliable and clean water supply for future generations, but also restore the ecologically sensitive areas of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The bills will also create a Delta Council, a Delta Plan, stricter groundwater monitoring and enforcement of illegal diversions, more ambitious water conservation policy, and water recycling and conservation programs. (11/04/2009).
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Keep current on Delta programs and initiatives with the Delta e-newsletter. This electronic newsletter is designed to keep you current on issues affecting the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Prior issues of Delta e-News can be found under "Archive" in the left menu.

DWR Actions to Protect and Restore California's Delta

bird BAY-DELTA CONSERVATION PLAN EIR/EIS - The Bay-Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) is focused on water supply reliability and the recovery of listed species through a HCP under Federal law and an NCCP under State law. Environmental documents will be prepared to support the co-equal values of ecosystem restoration and water supply reliability in the Delta. BDCP will evaluate alternatives necessary to restore and protect the Delta ecosystem in the context of options for water conveyance.
conservation WATER CONSERVATION - Increasing water conservation is an essential element of fixing the Delta. The Governor has called for a 20% per capita reduction in urban water use statewide by 2020. DWR is working with the State Water Resources Control Board, the California Public Utilities Commission, and the California Energy Commission to develop a plan to achieve the Governor's goal.
delta PROTECTING THE DELTA - The Delta is a unique and historic place that must be protected. Valuable Delta resources include legacy communities, agriculture, transportation, recreation, communications, industrial infrastructure and environmental resources.
Delta channel INTERIM DELTA ACTIONS - Interim Delta actions are intended to help protect and restore Delta habitat and species, improve our ability to respond to catastrophic Delta failures and help water users cope with supply interruptions while long-term Delta planning efforts are being completed. These actions are intended to be compatible with any long-term Delta plan and make incremental improvements until long-term plans are in place.
dam WATER STORAGE - Additional storage capacity is needed to improve water supply reliability, help restore the environment, reduce system conflict and manage increased risk and uncertainty. New water storage will provide water dedicated to the environment, help respond to climate change and help meet the water needs for California's environment, growing population and vital economy.