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DWR has many programs to manage California's water resources while protecting, restoring, and enhancing natural and human environments. Resource stewardship initiatives in the areas of urban and agricultural water conservation, water recycling, ecosystem restoration, floodplain and watershed management, and climate change are necessary to maintain sustainable and reliable water supplies for Californians.


The Delta is one of California's greatest natural resources, home to hundreds of species of fish and wildlife, and is also one of the most important aspects of California's water supply system. In addition to supporting an important ecosystem, water flowing through the Delta serves 25 million people throughout Northern, Central and Southern California and is essential to the agricultural industry and businesses that drive the state’s economy. Water conveyed through the Delta sustains $400 billion of California’s statewide economy. Despite its importance, the Delta ecosystem has experienced rapid declines in fish population, loss of habitat for fish, bird and wildlife species, poor water quality, freshwater diversions, worsening land subsidence, heightened seismic risk, and effects of climate change.

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To address critical Delta issues within an ecosystem-based approach, DWR is currently engaged in efforts with other water and fisheries agencies to develop the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). The BDCP is a 50-year plan to create a healthy, sustainable Delta environment, protect water supplies from earthquakes and other natural disasters, and provide for a more reliable water supply for California by developing new conveyance facilities.

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Increasing water conservation is an essential element of sustainable water management. Legislation passed in 2009 requires a 20% reduction in per capita urban water use, and steps to further increase agricultural water use efficiency.

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Climate change is having a profound impact on California water resources, as evidenced by changes in snowpack, sea level, and river flows. These changes are expected to continue in the future, which will exacerbate flood risks and add challenges for water supply reliability.

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