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Basin-Wide Feasibility Studies

Two Basin-Wide Feasibility Studies (BWFSs) were completed to refine the scale and location of large-scale system improvements identified in the 2012 CVFPP for each basin. The BWFSs identify system improvements that can be further developed in ongoing or new federal cost-share feasibility studies, and inform the 2017 CVFPP Update and its Finance Plan (part of the Investment Strategy Technical Memorandum). The BWFSs provide a substantially more detailed description of systemwide improvements than was available for the 2012 CVFPP.

Sacramento River Basin-Wide Feasibility Study

The Sacramento River BWFS primarily evaluates options for improving the bypass system by refining the scale and locations of systemwide improvements identified in the 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan for the Sacramento River basin. Appendices are available upon request by contacting Sami Nall at

San Joaquin River Basin-Wide Feasibility Study

The Draft San Joaquin River Basin-wide Feasibility Study primarily refines the large-scale actions consistent with the State Systemwide Investment Approach for the San Joaquin River Basin. Appendices for the draft San Joaquin River BWFS are listed in the table of contents and are available by sending an email to