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Climate Change Technical Advisory Group

CCTAG One Year Follow Up (November, 2016)

A progress update on ways that DWR has responded to and incorporated the work of the CCTAG in handling climate change in water resources management.

CCTAG Collaboration Poster (December, 2015)

The DWR-CCTAG process and outcomes were presented at the American Geophysical Union 2015 Fall Meeting on Effective Decision Maker-Scientist Interactions, "Producing Scientific and Strategic Guidance for California's Department of Water Resources: The Climate Change Technical Advisory Group." For a higher resolution copy, please contact .

Perspectives and Guidance for Climate Change Analysis (August, 2015)

This Technical Information Record represents the preliminary findings from 2012-2015 by DWR's expert external advisory committee, the Climate Change Technical Advisory Group, on global climate model selection appropriate for California water resources, planning for extreme conditions, downscaling, and recommendations for future work.
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DWR presents CLIMATE SCIENCE SERVICE award to CCTAG (11-20-2014)

CCTAG Charter (Final, 5-15-12)

CCTAG Scope Document (Final, 5-15-12)

Climate Change Technical Advisory Group Announcement and Member Biographies

DWR Invites Statements of Qualifications for Climate Change Technical Advisory Group (November, 2011)

DWR Proposal for Climate Change Technical Advisory Group (October, 2011)

Meeting Materials

Meeting Notes 3/24/2015

Agenda for Full CCTAG Meeting 3/24/2015

Presentations 3/24/2015

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 2/20/2015

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 1/16/2015

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 12/12/2014

Meeting Notes 11/19/2014

Agenda for Full CCTAG Meeting 11/19/2014

Presentations 11/19/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 10/17/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 9/15/2014 (No presentation materials for this meeting)

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 8/15/2014

Meeting Notes 7/28/2014

Agenda for Full CCTAG Meeting 7/28/2014

Presentations 7/28/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 7/18/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 6/6/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 5/16/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 4/18/2014

Presentations 4/18/2014

Meeting Notes 4/3/2014

Agenda for Full CCTAG Meeting 4/3/2014

Presentations 4/3/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 3/21/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 2/21/2014

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 1/17/2014

Meeting Notes 12/6/2013

Agenda for Full CCTAG Meeting 12/6/2013

Presentations 12/6/2013

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 11/15/2013

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 10/18/2013

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 9/20/2013

Meeting Notes 8/23/2013

Agenda for Full CCTAG Meeting 8/23/2013

Presentations 8/23/13

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 7/10/2013

Meeting notes 4/25/2013

Agenda 4/25/2013

Presentations 4/25/2013

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 3/20/2013

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 2/7/2013

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 10/31/2012

Meeting Notes 9/14/2012

Agenda 9/14/2012

Presentations 9/14/2012

Draft 2012 California Climate Adaptation Strategy- Water Sector Strategies Outline

Subgroup Meeting Presentation 7/17/2012

Meeting Notes 5/11/2012

Agenda 5/11/2012

Presentations 5/11/2012

Subgroup Presentation 5/1/2012

Subgroup Problem Statement 4/12/2012

Subgroup Presentation 4/12/2012

Meeting Notes 3/30/2012

Agenda 3/30/2012

Presentations 3/30/2012

Background Material

California Department of Water Resources Brochure

"Climate Change Characterization and Analysis in California Water Resources Planning Studies". California Department of Water Resources. December 2010. A comprehensive and comparative look at planning studies conducted by DWR and its partner agencies that have addressed climate change. Thirteen planning studies completed since 2006 or in the process of being completed are reviewed and summarized.

Climate Change Characterization and Analysis Summary

Ensemble-Informed Climate Change Scenarios for Bay Delta Conservation Plan

WEAP (Water Evaluation And Planning System) Model Summary, for California Water Plan Statewide Water Analysis Network

Managing An Uncertain Future, Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for California's Water

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