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The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has used and managed billions of dollars in General Obligation bond funds approved through more than 15 bond initiatives over the last 50+ years. It understands the obligation to the citizens of California to ensure these bond funds are accurately accounted for and distributed according to the mandates. As a result of Executive Order (EO) S-02-07, requiring bond accountability to the public and the Bond Freeze of 2008 which changed the State’s General Obligation bond practices, the implementation of new business processes to collect, manage, and report both existing and future bond information was required. This system, the Bond Resources Accountability Safeguarding System (BRASS), will ensure the Department continues to maintain the rigorous fiduciary oversight that the General Obligation bond funds demand and ensure prompt compliance with reporting and transparency requirements.

The BRASS business process will provide several benefits to DWR, and those Departments utilizing bond funds managed by DWR. The key business benefits include:

  1. Reduction in manual business processing and increasing security of data
  2. Increased efficiency in responding to requestss
  3. Increased efficiency in collaboration across bond program functions and activities, allowing for a reduction of time to process invoices
  4. Automated integration of related business processes and sharing of data between related bond functions and activities.
  5. Incorporating information from outside agencies that DWR administers.
  6. Reduced risk of technology failure which is integral to successful program delivery, ensuring program integrity and confidence in data


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